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Yard Waste Center ~

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Effective at the beginning of 2017, all Township residents who use the Yard Waste Recycling Center must have a paper permit and/or sticker to enter the site. Vehicles will be turned away if they do not have the permit/sticker. If a permit or sticker has been lost or thrown away there is a fee of $10.00 to replace. Replacement fees can only be paid by cash or check at Township Municipal Offices at 3400 Brookside Road, Monday through Friday 8AM to 4:30PM.


Please Note: Anyone who comes to the Center on a weekend without a permit or sticker will be turned away until one is obtained. Our site is funded by the solid waste fees, which are collected from Township residents in individual homes so it is very important to keep non-residents and commercial enterprises from using our site.


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                  7/18/17 - NEW - Roadway Update: The new traffic light at Schoeneck Road and Rt. 100 is now in full operation. The old intersection will be closed to change it into a 'right-in / right-out only' intersection.

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Board of Commissioners Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Thurs. of the month at 7:00PM.  All meetings are held at the Township Building, 3400 Brookside Rd., Macungie.
Due to technical problems, Thurs., July 20, 2017 meeting will not be recorded.  

  • Township Meeting Schedules

Unless noted otherwise, all meetings are held at the Township Building, 3400 Brookside Rd., Macungie

Committees of the Board of Commissioners
General Administration Committee,  3rd Thurs. of month at 6:15 PM. Click here for Agenda. ***No July meeting.
Public Works - Roads & Sewers Committee,  4th Mon. of the month at 7:00 PM. Click here for Agenda.  **Held in Meeting Room B 
Public Works - Parks & Facilities Committee, 3rd Mon. of the month at 7:00 P.M. Click here for Agenda.  **Please note: July meeting has been rescheduled to July 31st.
Budget and Finance Committee, 1st Thurs. of month at 6:15 PM.  Click here for Agenda.   ***July meeting has been cancelled.
Planning and Zoning Committee, 1st Wed. of month at 4:30 PM.  Click here for Agenda.

Boards and Commissions (click group name for agenda/minutes)
Board of Commissioners - 1st & 3rd Thurs. of month at 7:00PM. **No Meeting July 6, 2017.
Audit Advisory Committee - 2nd Thurs. of month at 6:30PM.   **No meeting in August.
Environmental Advisory Council - 2nd Mon. of month at 7:00PM.
Library Board - last Thurs. of month at 5:00PM.  Meetings are held at the Library.  
Park and Recreation Meetings - last Wed. of month at 7:00PM. ***July 26th and Aug 30th meetings have been rescheduled to Aug. 16th.  **except there is NO meeting in Dec. 2017. 
Planning Commission Meetings - 2nd Tues. of month at 7:00PM.
Planning Commission Workshops - 3rd Tues. at 7:00PM, as needed. 
Public Safety Commission Meetings -  3rd Tues. of month at 7:00PM.  **No meeting in July. 
Traffic Impact Fee Advisory Committee - Held and advertise as needed.
Zoning Hearing Board Meetings - 4th Tues. of month at 7:00PM, as needed.   **2017 Dec. mtg will be held on the 19th (3rd Tues of month).


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