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Seasonal Employment - PW & Recreation 

Employment Application
2019 Seasonal Employment

  • Lifeguards: Age 16 and up - Hours vary. Must be available some weekends. 15-40 hours per week.  $9.00p/hr.
  • Playground Counselors:  Age 16 and up -  7 week program from 6/24 - 8/9; M - F 8:45am - 12:15pm.  17 hours per week $7.50 p/hr.
  • PW - Seasonal Summer Jobs - Age 18 and up - jobs include but not limited to: mowing, weeding, mulching, watering, cleaning litter and emptying trash containers, etc.  Basic equipment maintenance includes but is not limited to:  cleaning of equipment, changing string on weed whackers, putting air in tires and gas in equipment, etc.  Must be able to lift 75lbs. Hours M - F with the possibility of weekends. Daily hours vary, 40 hours per week.  $11.00 p/hr. 

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