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Building Permits

  1. Wastewater Allocation application and paymentmust be made PRIOR to the 1st or 15th of each month for approval. This must be approved prior to the building permit being issued.
  2. On-site septic system application, designs, and payment must be submitted to the SEO, approved by the SEO and permit issued from the SEO, prior to the release of the building permit.
  3. RESIDENTIAL: Submit completed building, electric, plumbing, mechanical, sewer connection permit applications; Non-refundable application review fee of $40.00; 2 Plot plans; 2 Sets of construction plans; 2 Sets of Energy Alternative (required for new home construction; additions). Proof of Certificate of Insurance for Workers Compensation, naming Lower Macungie Township as certificate holder from general, plumbing, electrical, mechanical etc. contractors. Copy of PA registration with State Attorney General.    When required, 4 sets Individual On-Lot Grading plans with required fee. Sprinklers - when required Fire Code permit and 2 sets of sprinkler designs.
  4. COMMERICAL & INDUSTRIAL: Submit building permit application;  Review Fee $400.00; Administrative Fee $125.00  Site plan:  3 Sets of engineered sealed construction plans;  Proof of Certificate of Insurance for Workers Compensation, naming Lower Macungie Township as certificate holder from general contractor.  *Business Use permit required prior to the opening of the business.
  5. FIRE CODE: Sprinkler/suppression systems permits are separate applications and fees.  Review Fee $225.  Administrative Fee $125.00.    Proof of Workers Compensation Certificate Insurance naming Lower Macungie Township as certificate holder.
  6. Plan review begins with a complete submission. Review time is 15 business days for Residential and 30 business days for Commercial/Industrial reviews.
  7. Upon completion of review(s), applicant will be notified.
  8. All fees shall be paid at time of permit(s) being issued. Hours 8am-4pm Mon-Fri. 
  9. Contractor’s copy of all complete construction packets shall be on job site until completion of job. Any special Notes on construction plan or permit, placed by Zoning or Building Official shall be met!!
  10. Permits and Inspection Cards MUST BE VISIBLE on construction site!!
  11. Inspections MUST be scheduled, a minimum of 48 hours in advance in accordance with Township workweek.   HOURS 8am.-4p.m. MON-FRI.     When applicable, Final Grading Inspections for Individual On-Lot Grading must be approved by Kyle Kuester of Keystone Consulting Engineers before scheduling for a Certificate of Occupancy.


  1. Footer – must have engineered soil test submitted to building inspector for his approval prior to scheduling inspection – before pour -36 inch frost depth.   Zoning setbacks checked.
  2. Foundation - prior to backfilling -- After wall is stripped--Tie Holes plugged with Roofing cement-Wall coated with damp proofing-Bolts placed for plates.
  3. Framing – Schedule AFTER Rough Electric, Rough Plumbing, Rough Mechanical are approved.  Construction plans with Res-checks must be on job-site. Fire stopping and Fire Caulking must be completed as part of the framing inspection.
  4. Insulation. - Res-Checks must be on site.
  5. Wallboard – Glued & screwed -- Before spackling or painting.
  6. Final Building - Schedule AFTER final plumbing/mechanical/electric/energy/on-lot grading is approved. Driveway must be paved. (Winter conditions, $1,000.00 escrow required and temporary CO issued).    CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY REQUIRED PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY OF ANY     NEW BUILDING (except residential additions)!


  1. Submit completed form and proof of Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance. 
  2. Permit fee paid at issuance of permit.
  3. Contractors must obtain a business license to work in Lower Macungie Township. Renewal due December 31 of each year. Proof of current Master Plumber license required
  4. Inspection Sequence: (1) Rough Plumbing/Mechanical & Electric/Service (2) Final Plumb & Mechanical & Electric. ELECTRIC & MECHANICAL INSPECTIONS - CALL 610-866-9663.