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Fences & Walls


Fences and walls shall not exceed six (6) feet in height in front yard areas, provided that such fence does not unsafely obstruct the view of a vehicle operator entering or exiting a driveway, and further provided that no portion of the fence in excess of four (4) feet in height encroaches farther into the front yard on which the residence faces than the place created by the front of such residence, and eight (8) feet in height in all other yard areas (except tennis court fences which may not exceed ten (10) feet in height). Fences and walls shall be no closer than two (2) feet to a property line unless there is a letter of consent from the adjacent property owner in which case they may be positioned on the property line. In no case shall any fence or wall be located in the existing street right-of-way or interfere with a clear sight triangle as described in Subsection 1602.5. An exception is along the common property line where there is a common wall for single family attached dwellings and semi detached dwellings where fences will be permitted within the property boundaries up to the property line. All permit applications are available online or the Township Permit Department.: Monday - Friday (8:00am-4:00pm) email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 

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Fence - Installation of Fence Along Property Line