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Residential Inspections

  • Effective November 1, 2015, all residential permits submitted will be inspected by Lower Macungie Township, instead of a 3rd party inspector. This will simplify scheduling your inspection by only needing to call our office at (610) 966-4343 for all residential permits. All residential permits submitted before Nov 1st, please call Keycodes at (610)866-9663 for electrical, plumbing and mechanical inspections. We look forward to offering this expedited service to our residents.

Mandatory Inspections - revised 2/10/14

  1. Footer Inspection - Soil Erosion Methods in Place
    • Footer – 9” deep – 16” to 18” wide – Reinforcement in place –Formed & ready for concrete Must be virgin soil; Engineered soil tests when required.
    • Must be approved by building inspector prior to scheduling inspection.
    • Frost line 36 inches.
  2. Foundation Inspection - before Backfill
    • After wall is stripped
    • Tie holes plugged with roofing cement
    • Wall coated with damp proofing
    • Straps/Bolts placed for plates
  3. Framing Inspection (Construction plans to be on-site)
    • First: Rough plumbing, mechanical and electric must be approved
    • Second: Fire-stopping and fire caulking must be completed at time of frame inspection
  4. Insulation - Prior to wall covering. Windows must have insulation value stickers attached. ResChecks must be on property.
  5. Wallboard - Prior to spackling & painting.
  6. Final Inspection
    • First: Final Electric & Plumbing, Sprinklers (if applicable), Mechanical must be approved. Curb Side Cleanouts must be cut to grade & capped prior to final plumbing inspection.
    • Second: Final building. Job must be complete with all appurtenances operational prior to Occupancy. Driveways paved or $1,000 escrow paid for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.
    • Third: Property pins must be in place by builder.

Certificate of Occupancy must be issued BEFORE occupancy.

Building Inspection Sequence

  • Footer - must have engineered soil test submitted to building inspector for his approval prior to scheduling inspection before pour -36 inch frost depth. Zoning setbacks checked.
  • Foundation - prior to backfilling -- After wall is stripped--Tie Holes plugged with Roofing cement-Wall coated with damp proofing-Bolts placed for plates.
  • Framing - Rough Electric, Rough Plumbing, Rough Mechanical approval before scheduling framing. Construction plans with Res-checks must be on site. Fire stopping and Fire Caulking must be completed before scheduling a framing inspection.
  • Insulation. - Res-Checks must be on site.
  • Wallboard - Before spackling or painting.
  • Final Building - Schedule after final plumbing/mechanical/electric/on lot grading is approved

Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to occupancy of any new building (except residential additions)

New construction, additions & alterations. Service updates/repairs; Pools (above & in ground); Cable TV; Furnaces (oil & gas); Security systems; Signs, Spas, Hot Tubs, Heat Pumps and A/C units.

  • Rough - prior to insulation and drywall
  • Final - After all equipment/fixtures have been installed.
  • Service - New hook-up or upgrading of existing service

Please note: Electricians must be licensed with Lower Macungie Township, renewable each year.

New construction, ductwork, heating, cooking, refrigeration, etc. Rough and final inspections required.

New construction & repairs, sanitary sewer connections-residential & commercial; On-Site sewage - new & repairs; Perc test & soil probes.

  • All underground plumbing including water and sewer connections
  • Rough plumbing & mechanical - prior to insulation and drywall
  • Final Plumbing & Mechanical- all fixtures/equipment installed. Water meter installed.
  • As required for septics; percs; probes

Please note: Only Licensed Master Plumbers are allowed to perform work in Lower Macungie Township. They must secure either a Master or Journeyman business license from Township, renewable each year.

Please note: a minimum of 48 hours notice is necessary for scheduling of inspections
Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm - Monday through Friday.


Pool Inspections - Above Ground:

Building - Rough

  • Excavation and supports before backfilling around pool.

Electrical - Rough

  1. Trench open with conduit – Depth 18 inches.
  2. Equipotential Bonding Grid

Electrical- Final

  1. All wiring completed and tied into panel.
  2. Someone may have to be at home.

Building - Final

  1. Pool completed with enclosure at access area.
  2. Final electric approved.

Pools Inspections - In-ground:

Building - Rough
Excavation – Steel/Fiberglass

Electrical - Rough

  1. Bonding –all metal objects and pool light.
  2. Trench open with conduit –Depth 18 inches.
  3. Equipotential Bonding Grid-prior to pouring a concrete deck or installing pavers within 36 inches of the pool.

Electrical - Final

  1. All wiring complete and tied into panel.
  2. Someone must be home for access to panel box.

Building - Final

  1. Final electrical must be approved.
  2. Permanent fence must be installed with self-closing and self-latching gates.
  3. Pool Guard Alarms must be installed and working.
  4. Certificate of Occupancy will be issued to property owner before use of pool.