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For re-sales, inspections and certificate of occupancy is "not" required in Lower Macungie Township.

Inflatable Pools have hidden expenses

A detached garage or carport shall be allowed no closer than between ten (10) feet to a rear or side lot line unless the dwelling unit has a common wall structure. An exception is along the common property line where there is a common wall for single family attached dwellings and semi detached dwellings where a garage and deck will be permitted within the property boundaries up to the property line.

Private buildings and structures such as tennis courts, private bath houses (serving only pools accessory to principal residences) and greenhouses are allowed only in side and rear yard areas, and shall be no closer than ten (10) feet to a side or rear lot line and shall be buffered by landscaping from adjacent property.

Natural Gas (UGI) hookup – Mechanical, Electric permits required plus 2 sets of manufacture’s specifications.
Propane – Electric, Zoning permits required. Plot plan showing location of propane tank and 2 sets of manufacture’s specifications.
Permits available at the Township permit department.  Review and inspections conducted by the Township’s 3rd party agency.
Pre-fab slabs do not need a permit, however a “poured” slab will require a zoning permit for location on property.

Portable Generator Hazards and Safety Tips

Peddling and Solicitation Permit

In accordance with Codified Ordinance 13.106.C, "before issuing a license, the Township, in its sole discretion, may require an investigation of the applicant to obtain sufficient proof that the applicant is of good business and/or moral character and/or to confirm the accuracy of representations made in each such application. By submitting an application for a license, the applicant agrees to await a reasonable amount of time for such investigation, which investigation may take no more than 10 business days from the date of application. If, as a result of such investigation, the applicant’s business or moral character is found to be unsatisfactory or any representation is found to be false or misleading, the Township shall notify the applicant that such application has been disapproved and that no license shall be issued."

For the protection of Lower Macungie Township residents, Codified Ordinance Chapter 13, Part 1, establishes rules and regulations for any persons soliciting and peddling items and services door-to-door throughout the Township:

  1. The Township shall license all peddlers and solicitors. Each individual soliciting or peddling shall carry the license with them at all times.
  2. The peddler or solicitor shall have photo identification, such as a driver’s license, with them at all times and shall exhibit it at the homeowner’s request.
  3. If a property is posted NO PEDDLING OR SOLICITING the peddler or solicitor shall not enter the property.
  4. The peddler or solicitor shall not enter any dwelling without the homeowner’s request.
  5. The peddler or solicitor shall only engage in peddling Monday thru Saturday during daylight hours.
  6. The peddler or solicitor shall not engage in any activity that creates a nuisance or disrupts traffic.

Persons going door-to-door canvassing about religious or political subjects however, are exempt from these requirements. Public charities, local churches, scout troops, civic and service organizations, fire companies, athletic organizations and the like are also exempt.
Please remember that these regulations only apply to individuals making verbal contact with residents. Individuals distributing flyers or brochures are not required to get a license from the Township.
As a precaution we recommend that you should not let anyone who is soliciting or peddling without a permit issued by LMT and a photo ID into your home.
If you see anybody peddling or soliciting without a permit, PLEASE notify the Township's Code Enforcement Officer (610-966-4343 x115) or the PA State Police (610-395-1438) immediately.

Peddling and Solicitation Permit Application