Finance - Earned Income Tax - General Information

Please remember that the filing of your 2011 earned income tax will be done through the Township’s prior collector, Keystone Collections. Please note that Keystone no longer has an office at the Township Building so should you need to contact Keystone about your 2011 tax return you may call them toll free at  1-866-539-1100 or visit their website: As always, you may file your 2011 tax return electronically with Keystone on their website.
Beginning with the first quarter of 2012, Berkheimer Tax Administrator will be the new earned income tax collector for Lower Macungie Township. The State of Pennsylvania recently passed legislation that required one earned income tax collector for each County, and Berkheimer was chosen to collect the tax by the Lehigh County Tax Collection Committee. You should have received information from Berkheimer in the past few weeks regarding how you will pay your earned income tax with them in 2012. Should you have questions regarding your 2012 earned income tax, you may call Berkheimer at 610-599-3139 or visit their website at:

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