Finance - Treasurer - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do our taxes go?
We collect taxes from the township residents for the East Penn School District (billed July 1st) and for Lower Macungie Township (billed April 1st). Until 2006, we also collected taxes for Lehigh County, but due to changes in the county's collection system, the county real estate taxes (usually billed around April 1st) are remitted directly to the county.

Who benefits from our taxes?

ALL of the school property taxes you pay go directly to the school district. The streetlight taxes collected go to the township for upkeep of the streetlights for those who chose to have them. Streetlights are added to subdivisions when 70% of the residents sign a petition asking for them. 

Is there a Payment Installment System? 
The school district is required to offer residents who met certain qualifications the chance to pay their bill in 3 installments. The conditions for installment payments are:
  1. You can only request for your primary residence - no commercial properties, rental properties or land allowed
  2. You must be signed up for Act 72 Homestead Act - if you did not get the installment option this year and want to have it for next year, please call Lehigh Co. Assessment Office at 610-782-3038 and ask them to send you a Homestead Application.
  3. If you chose to pay under the installment plan the first bill was due by Aug. 10, the next ones are due by Oct.10 and Dec. 10th (we accept the US Postmark on your envelope as the date), a 10% late penalty is assessed after the due dates.
  4. Installment payments are not offered for Township Tax.