About LMT - Forms and Documents

Below is a list of available forms and documents contained within this web site. Click on the Document Title to open a printer friendly version of the form.

Alarm Registration Form (fill in on-line) 

Annual Community Appropriations Request Form

Block Party Policy and Agreement Request Form

Building / Zoning Permit Application Requirements

Building / Zoning Permit Application Form

Business / Home Occupation Permit - Contents of Letter of Intent

Class and Program Registration Forms - Click here for the Recreation site.

Code Enforcement Complaint Form -- Complete and mail this form to file a code enforcement and zoning complaints.

Citizens Information Form - Help us help you with better communication (please fill out 'on-line').

Conditional Use / Rezoning Request / Curative Amendment

Deck Application Submission Form

Electrical Permit Application Form

Fence - Installation of Fence Along Property Line

Fence Setback Waiver Request Form

Fire Code Permit Application Form (Residential Requirements) (Commercial Requirements)

Local Services Tax Exemption Form

Mechanical Permit Application Form 

Medical Alert Notice Form - ATTN ALL AGES: Special Needs, Handicapped or Caregivers

Moving Permit -- Complete and mail this form to notify the township if you are moving in / out / or within the township.

Ornamental Street Light Petition -- Application to apply for the installation of ornamental street lights in your neighborhood. Click here for procedures.

Park Memorial Policy Form

Plot Plan -- Form to show design/supply detail for permit applications for projects such as decks, fences and sheds.

Plumbing Permit Application Form

Pre-Application Review Form

Right to Know Request Form

Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit Application Form

Sewer Replacement Repair Permit Application Form

Statement of Interest - Volunteer application

Subdivision & Land Development Application

Traffic Control / Signage Request Form - Instructions for form

Tree Removal Application

Workers Compensation Verification Form

Zoning Appeal Form

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