Planning / Community Development - About Us

Director of Planning/Community Development – Sara Pandl
Is responsible (essential duties but not limited to) for interpreting the Township Code; assessing Planning and Community Development needs; planning, directing, and the integration of comprehensive planning and community development programs and services; maintaining and administering land use ordinances; researching/reporting current trends in planning and community development; monitoring of federal/state/county legislation and regulations related to planning and community development; rezoning reviews, right-of-way negotiations and the processing of grant and funding opportunities.

Permits Coordinator - Sharon Colson
Is responsible for all permit matters: orientation, forms, applications and processing, as they relate to all building, electrical, plumbing and zoning permits.
Sharon is also supported by a Permits Clerk - Maureen Lang.
Sara Pandl
Sara Pandl - Director Planning/Community Development

Zoning Office - Carl L. Best, Zoning Officer

Enforcement - Ben Galiardo
Responsible for receiving and actioning all complaints, regarding zoning and property maintenance code violations. All Zoning and Inspection personnel have enforcement oversight. However, the primary Enforcement official is: Benjamin Galiardo - Code Enforcement Officer/ Fire Inspector/Emergency Management

Responsible for review applicable permits and inspection of that construction.
Guy Bieber - Plumbing Inspection / Sewage Enforcement Officer
George Caldarelli - Building Inspector
David Shields - Electrical/Commercial, Residential & Mechanical

Contact Us

The Planning/Community Development, Permits, Enforcement and Inspectors offices are available through email, phone, or personal visit. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You are welcome to communicate with us via:

Planning/Community Development
Sara Pandl: e-mail:, telephone: 610-966-4343 x 126
Debbie Ward: e-mail:, telephone: 610-966-4343 x 137

Ben Galiardo: e-mail:, telephone: 610-966-4343 x 115

Guy Bieber: e-mail:, telephone: 610-966-4343 x 119
George Caldarelli: e-mail:, telephone: 610-966-4343 x 120
David Shields: e-mail:, telephone: 610-866-9663

Permits - scheduling inspections and general permit questions
Sharon Colson: e-mail:, telephone: 610-966-4343 x 133
Permit Clerk: Maureen Lang email:, telephone: 610-966-4343 x 134

You can also reach us at Contact Us.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to:
a). help make Lower Macungie Township an attractive and healthy community in which to live, raise a family, work, play and do business; by providing professional planning assistance and guidance. This will be accomplished in a positive and courteous manner, with a focus on excellent customer service, and

b). help plan the form and character of our community that reflects its heritage, protects its natural features, promotes the wise use of resources, uses innovative approaches to community development and ensures that the construction of its 'built environment' complies with the best industry and design standards, while fully protecting the public health and safety of our citizens.