Planning / Community Development - Inspections

Mandatory Inspections - revised 8/5/09
  1. Footer Inspection - Soil Erosion Methods in Place
    Footer – 9” deep – 16” to 18” wide – Reinforcement in place –Formed & ready for concrete Must be virgin soil; Engineered soil tests when required; Must be approved by building inspector prior to scheduling inspection Frost line 36 inches

  3. Foundation Inspection - before Backfill
    After wall is stripped
    Tie holes plugged with roofing cement
    Wall coated with damp proofing
    Straps/Bolts placed for plates

  5. Framing Inspection (Construction plans to be on-site)
    1. First: Rough plumbing, mechanical and electric must be approved
    2. Second: Fire-stopping and fire caulking must be completed at time of frame inspection

  6. Insulation
    Prior to wall covering. Windows must have insulation value stickers attached. ResChecks must be on property.

  8. Wallboard
    Prior to spackling & painting.

  10. Final Inspection
    1. First: Final Electric & Plumbing, Mechanical must be approved. Curb Side Cleanouts must be cut to grade & capped prior to final plumbing inspection.
    2. Second: Final building. Job must be complete with all appurtenances operational prior to Occupancy. Certificate of Occupancy must be issued BEFORE occupancy for new dwellings; in-ground pools; any commercial use.

Building Inspection Sequence

  1. Footer - must have engineered soil test submitted to building inspector for his approval prior to scheduling inspection  before pour -36 inch frost depth. Zoning setbacks checked.
  2. Foundation - prior to backfilling -- After wall is stripped--Tie Holes plugged with Roofing cement-Wall coated with damp proofing-Bolts placed for plates.
  3. Framing - Rough Electric, Rough Plumbing, Rough Mechanical approval before scheduling framing. Construction plans with Res-checks must be on site. Fire stopping and Fire Caulking must be completed before scheduling a framing inspection.
  4. Insulation. - Res-Checks must be on site.
  5. Wallboard - Before spackling or painting.
  6. Final Building - Schedule after final plumbing/mechanical/electric/on lot grading is approved
Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to occupancy of any new building (except residential additions)

New construction, additions & alterations. Service updates/repairs; Pools (above & in ground); Cable TV; Furnaces (oil & gas); Security systems; Signs, Spas, Hot Tubs, Heat Pumps and A/C units.
  1. Rough - prior to insulation and drywall
  2. Final - After all equipment/fixtures have been installed.
  3. Service - New hook-up or upgrading of existing service
Please note: Electricians must be licensed with Lower Macungie Township, renewable each year.

New construction, ductwork, heating, cooking, refrigeration, etc. Rough and final inspections required.

New construction & repairs, sanitary sewer connections-residential & commercial; On-Site sewage - new & repairs; Perc test & soil probes.
  1. All underground plumbing including water and sewer connections
  2. Rough plumbing & mechanical - prior to insulation and drywall
  3. Final Plumbing & Mechanical- all fixtures/equipment installed. Water meter installed.
  4. As required for septics; percs; probes
Please note: Only Licensed Master Plumbers are allowed to perform work in Lower Macungie Township. They must secure either a Master or Journeyman business license from Township, renewable each year.

Please note: a minimum of 48 hours notice is necessary for scheduling of inspections
Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm - Monday through Friday.


Pool Inspections - Above Ground:

Building - Rough
Excavation and supports before backfilling around pool.

Electrical - Rough
Trench open with conduit – Depth 18 inches.
Equipotential Bonding Grid

Electrical- Final
  1. All wiring completed and tied into panel.
  2. Someone may have to be at home.
Building - Final
  1. Pool completed with enclosure at access area.
  2. Final electric approved.

Pools Inspections - In-ground:

Building - Rough
Excavation – Steel/Fiberglass

Electrical - Rough
  1. Bonding –all metal objects and pool light.
  2. Trench open with conduit –Depth 18 inches.
  3. Equipotential Bonding Grid-prior to pouring a concrete deck or installing pavers within 36 inches of the pool.
Electrical - Final
  1. All wiring complete and tied into panel.
  2. Someone must be home for access to panel box.
Building - Final
  1. Final electrical must be approved.
  2. Permanent fence must be installed with self-closing and self-latching gates.
  3. Door Guard Alarms must be installed and working.
  4. Certificate of Occupancy will be issued to property owner before use of pool.