Planning/Community Development - Visioning 2020

In May of 2009, the Citizens of Lower Macungie, in close cooperation with the Board of Commissioners, embarked on an impressive path to evolve a comprehensive Visioning Statement on a multitude of issues that they recognize as being important to the heathly development of their Township. To put this Visioning 2020 Project into motion, a series of steps were taken:

1). Citizens were given the opportunity to comment about Township Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (click on each item to reveiw the results of this survey). Over 220 citizens replied.
2). After receiving such comments, a community meeting was convened on July 27, 2009 with an appointed group of citizens (2020 Visioning Committee), who were given the task to consolidate the multitude of 'comments' into 5 targeted areas: Quality of Life, Parks & Recreation, Land Use and Planning, Public Safety and Township Government, and develop a Visioning Statement for each. This finished product would then be presented to the Board of Commissioners at the November 19 Board Meeting .
3). other steps - pending.

2020 Vision Statement