Public Safety - Emergency Management Agency

The Lower Macungie Township Emergency Management Agency is a group of volunteers who provide, at the township level, coordinated emergency management services governed by Title 35 - The Emergency Services Code. Each political subdivision in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is directed and authorized to establish a local Emergency Services Agency. The township currently is complying with this directive and is planning on providing stronger capabilities in the future. Although significant assistance is provided by Lehigh County Emergency Management the Governor has appointed an Emergency Management Coordinator for our township at the recommendation of the Board of Commissioners. Mr. Dale Frizzell fills the functions and is assisted by Mr. Ben Galiardo. These two individuals supervise the activities of the LMT EMA.

The Lower Macungie Township Emergency Management Agency is currently looking to expand its staff. If you are interested in joining this organization complete a Statement of Interest and submit it to the LMT Board of Commissioners.

Although natural disasters, emergencies, or unexpected attacks cannot be controlled it is the objective of the Lower Macungie Emergency Management Agency to be prepared and take action to protect the families in the township.

ATTN ALL AGES: Special Needs, Handicapped or Caregivers - Please consider filling out a Medical Alert Notice