Public Safety - Fire Department - Volunteer

The township has the good fortune to have an excellent and dedicated volunteer fire department. We would like to thank each of these individuals who put their well being at risk to protect ours. These individuals commit large amounts of their own time and energies to serve the township in training, responding to fires, automobile accidents, hazardous material spills, and personal emergencies every day. The department has one station located on Brookside Road in Wescosville and another station located on Sauerkraut in Macungie.

Please support these efforts as best you can through subscription participation. As you will see from their website volunteers are needed. They perform an invaluable service to the residents of Lower Macungie Township.

For more information please refer to the following website:
Telephone: Wescosville Station 610-398-0996  -- Brandywine Station 610-965-7797