Public Works - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A to Z Guide to Recycling and Trash Disposal

(DEAD) - LMT does not remove or accept dead animals of any kind.

Deer (Dead) - PENNDOT maintenance will remove ONLY dead deer from Township & State Roads that have been injured and killed on the roadway. They will remove from private property ONLY if the animal was hit on the road and expired on the private property. They will not remove any other type of dead animal. Call 610.798.4280 or

Animals - Alive (not domesticated) - State Game Warden 610.926-1966

Domesticated Animals - Humane Society 610.797.1205

Dead birds - If you think that you have too many dead birds in your area in a short period of time, call Louise Bugbee at the Lehigh County West Nile virus program 610.391.9840 or

Curbside Cleanouts - This is a sewer clean out. If the cap becomes missing or broken it is the responsibility of the property owner to replace it. These can be purchased at any Home Improvement store. For water box covers, see below...

Electronic Recycling - Please see the A to Z Guide at the top of this page.

Field Use availability - Call the LMT Community Center - 610.966.6924

Dedication of Roads - Roads are completed on your Developers time line. Call them for information. LMT does not have the Developers schedule for road completion.

Farm Odors - Lehigh County Conservation District 610.391.9583 (x22)

Leaf Collection - Click here

Mosquitoes - Call Lehigh County West Nile Virus & Mosquito Control Program 610.391.9840 or

PA One Call - What is it? Why are there colored lines in the street? Whenever anyone is digging deeper than one foot in the ground they are required to place a call three days in advance (UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY) and outline (usually in white) the area that they will dig. Once the call goes out, every agency that has lines in that vicinity are required to go to the site and mark the locations of where their underground lines are, in relation to the area to be excavated. Each agency marks in a different color. (i.e. sewers and drains in green, power lines in red, etc.) If you have any question about a proposed dig in you area, call 1.800.242.1776 or www.paonecall.orgHome improvements on a week-end do not qualify as an emergency.

Plowing of Roads - See Snow Guide, click here  - See Snow Emergency Routes, click here.

Potholes:  State Roads - PennDot (610) 798-4280 or
                    Township Roads (610) 966-4343(x117) or

School Bus - Student Transportation of America (610) 966-0266

Sewer Problems - Call LMT (610) 966-4343. Hours are: 8AM to 4:30 PM. Monday through Friday. If there is a problem after hours, such as a blockage, call the same number, wait for the message to start, then press 7. You will be connected to Dispatch Answering Service. Be prepared to give them an exact location, a contact name, phone number and explanation of the problem.

School Bus Stops - Who Decides? East Penn School District works in conjunction with Student Transportation of America to determine where School Bus Stops will be placed. Placement of School Bus Stops is not a decision made by Lower Macungie Township. For more information, contact East Penn School District at 610.966.8300

Street Cleaning/Sweeping - usually starts during the first week of April depending on weather, emergencies and equipment. It is a two-step process. First, the tag along sweeper pushes cinders/debris to the edge of the road. This is followed by the pick up sweeper, which then sweeps up the debris. Be advised that these two steps do not always occur at the same time. Usually the first sweeper is ahead of the second sweeper by a few days.
If you have questions about street cleaning, contact us at 610.966.4343 (x117) or

Street Light Repair - Call PPL 1-800-342-5775. They must have the exact address and/or the location of the pole. If this is not available, they will ask for the pole numbers. There are two numbers inscribed on a tag, which is fastened to the pole. They must have both numbers. If PPL does not repair the street light within one month, call Public Works 610.966.4343 (x117) or

Signs - Street Sign Down or Missing? Call LMT Public Works 610.966.4343 (x117)

Stop/Speed Limit/Watch Children Sign REPLACEMENTS ONLY - Call LMT Public Works 610.966.4343 (x117)

Requests for new or additional Stop/Speed Limit/Watch Children Signs - Requests for traffic controls and signage must be submitted to Lower Macungie Township on the Request for Traffic Control/Signage Form and submitted to the Township Manager, 3400 Brookside Road, Macungie, PA 18062. Click here for instructions on filling out the form.

Tree Trimming - Click here

Trees (Dead/Diseased) - Click here. For more information contact 610.966.4343 (x117) or

Trash/Recycling - not collected? Call Waste Management 1-800-852-0140. If trash is not picked up in 24 hours after your call to them, contact Public Works 610. 966.4343(x117) or

Trash disposal questions - click here

Water run off from farm fields - Lehigh County Conservation District 610.391.9583 (x22)

Water main leak - Lehigh County Authority 610.398.2503 or  

Water Shut off (Cap) - Metal caps marked with "water" are the property of Lehigh County Water Authority. Contact them if they are broken or missing. 610.398.2503 or