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Click here for a short video from Waste Management on "Single Stream Recycling"

"Single Stream Recycling"

Starting July 14th, 2008 Waste Management has implemented a processing change for Lower Macungie Township's recyclables. The change (affecting those households involved in Township contracted services) has provided for the recycling of more items in a timely manner. Under our new collection system, a rear-loading vehicle - "clearly marked" for recycling only, will be used. The rear loading vehicles will hold 50% more material. Crews that collect curbside will not be separating the various recyclables... All the material will be handled as a "single stream" to be processed \ separated at a specialized facility. Residents can mix all recyclables together and place them in any \ or all of the following:
  • Township supplied green recycling tubs
  • recyclable containers like cardboard boxes - to be recycled with its contents
  • brown paper bags - to be recycled with its contents
  • clearly marked containers that can be reused
Since recycling is separate from trash, containers do not need a lid - but loose materials must be secured to avoid being carried by winds.

Recycle more types of items
The list of items that can be recycled has expanded a bit to include more types of plastic bottles and various fiber products. Previously, only type 1 and 2 plastic bottles were accepted; (you can tell what kind of plastic a bottle or container is by the symbol of a number in the triangle on the bottom.), but now types 1 through 7 can be recycled curbside. Cardboard other paper products must be bundled or secured inside a container (including cardboard boxes smaller than 2' X 2' X 2'.) To see a full list of What IS and IS NOT Collected for Recycling, click here:

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All it takes is a few moment s to separate recyclable materials from your trash.

Recycling Rules and Regulations
The Township of Lower Macungie has contracted for the collection of the following recyclables:
  • Aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans
  • Steel cans (tin)
  • Plastic soda bottles (PETE)
  • Plastic milk and water bottles (HDPE)
  • Clear, green and brown glass food containers
  • Newsprint, magazines, office paper, compacted cereal boxes with liner removed must be placed in brown paper bag or tied in bundles with non plastic twine and placed on top of or alongside the recycling bin and kept dry.
  • Corrugated cardboard must be bundled and tied with non-plastic twine. The bundles cannot exceed 2ft.x2ft.
For the collection of recyclables, the Township has provided a bin for each new residence. If your bin is lost or broken you can purchase a new bin at the Township building for $8.00. Recyclable materials may be mixed together (co-mingled). Recyclable materials that exceed the designated bin's capacity may be put into an open container or paper bag and placed next to the bin at the curb. If recyclables regularly exceed the capacity of the bin, an additional bin can be purchased from the Township for $8.00.

The recyclable materials must be properly prepared before they are placed in the bins. All recyclables should be drained and free of food and other foreign materials. All cans, glass and plastic bottles should be rinsed and the lids must be removed. Plastic containers should be crushed to save space in your bins. The only glass items acceptable are food and beverage containers. Light bulbs, window glass, ceramics and dishes are not acceptable. Newsprint should be bundled with non-plastic twine or placed in a paper/plastic bag on top of or alongside the recycling bin. Newsprint cannot be wet. Do not put newsprint out if it is raining or is expected to rain heavily or the newsprint will not be collected.

The contractor will collect the recyclable materials at curbside every week. The contractor has the right to not empty any bin that does not meet the above regulations. The contractor may place a sticker on any bin not collected, detailing why it was not collected.

Many recyclables can also be taken to: Allentown Recycling Center at 15th & Martin Luther King Boulevard in Allentown (610) 437-8729. There is no charge and they are open 24/7/365 days per year. They accept: corrugated (brown) cardboard, gray cardboard (paperboard), newspapers, mixed color paper, magazines, hard & soft cover books, phone books, cans, aluminum foil, pie plates, glass bottles, plastic bottles (#1-#7), metal items, clothing, drapes, etc.

Hinkle Transfer at 1725 Brookside Road, Wescosville accepts plastic, cans and glass (610) 366-7356. Hours of operation are weekdays 6:30 AM-4:00 PM.