Public Works - Trash - Trash Rules - Residential Garbage Collection

All residential households will receive once a week collection of garbage and recyclables (municipal solid waste).
  1. Click here for information on new state recycling mandates for electronics, effective 1/1/13. 
  2. All recyclables and yard waste outlined below must be separated from the garbage. The contractor may not collect municipal waste that has recyclable materials in it. Pennsylvania State Law requires the separation of Yard Waste and Recyclables from the Waste stream.
  3. A maximum of 1 (one) bulk item (furniture, appliance, mattress etc.) or car tire (without rim) is allowed per week, per dwelling. Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners must have the "freon" properly removed by an appliance service shop that will then place the required EPA certified sticker on the appliance. A separate truck will pick up large appliances including any "freon" (CFC) items. These large items will be picked up on your normal trash pickup day if Waste Management (800) 852-0140 is notified in advance; otherwise, the items will be picked up on the following weekday.
  4. A maximum of 1 (one) trash container or bundle of construction refuse will be allowed per week per dwelling.
  5. Collection points will be on public roads only. Collections on private roads are subject to additional fees.
  6. Yard waste, including grass, leaves, tree and shrub trimmings, will not be collected under the townships weekly service agreement. Individual households may contract directly with the contractor for this service at an added cost, or purchase at the Township building, yard waste tags for $2.50 per bag or bundle. See Section III.
  7. Although unlimited numbers of household trash containers are permitted each week, (subject to items #2,3, &5), if you have an abnormally large number of bags or containers of trash, we recommend you contact Waste Management at (800) 852-0140.
In order to have an efficient and safe 'collection process', we ask every resident to
  1. Place all garbage and recyclables weekly at the curbside of the public road the NIGHT BEFORE your scheduled pick-up day.
  2. Provide garbage containers that do not exceed a capacity of 35 gallons and do not exceed 60 pounds when filled.
  3. Residents are responsible for cleanup if garbage containers are scattered by animals or the weather.
  4. Residents are responsible to keep trash and recycling containers out of sight of the road until 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up.
Regulations - Others
  1. Standard garbage containers will be emptied and left. Other containers, such as wastebaskets, tubs, boxes, and other baskets may be used, but at the risk of the homeowner. If you want to SAVE the container, don't put it on the curb line. Please caution children about leaving toys, bicycles, wagons, etc. at or near the curb on collection day so they won't be mistakenly removed.
  2. 55 gallon drums will not be handled.
  3. Hazardous Waste - For latex paint - try to dry out paint, put in a brown paper bag and place in your normal trash container. For oil based paint or other hazardous liquids call the Lehigh County Solid Waste at 610-782-3073 or go to for more information. Medical waste should be disposed of by breaking the needles in half, put them in a coffee can or plastic milk container with lids then place in the trash container - not the recyclable bin.
  4. Please instruct your children not to follow the contractor's truck to avoid any possible accidents. Be aware of the workers when you are driving on the busy streets that are being collected.