Zoning - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When are permits required?
Permits are required for most projects. Inquire at the Permit Department 610-966-4343 x133.

Are inspections and/or certificate of occupancies required for the re-sale of a property?

What are the zoning requirements for putting a fence on your property line?
Permit required. 2 feet from property unless there are easements such as utility or drainage. If so, one cannot encroach into the easements. If no easements, you can place the fence closer than the 2 feet with written permission from the adjoining property owner. Exception: Corner property owners should discuss location with the Zoning Officer.

Sheds- What is required?
Permit required. Under 144 sq. ft. must be 5' from property line. Over 144 sq. ft. must be 10' from property line. Again, this is providing there are no easements. Exception: Corner property owners should discuss location with the Zoning Officer.

Do I need a permit to replace my roof shingles, siding, windows, or private sidewalks?

Do I need a permit to replace my driveway?
No, not to replace; however if you intend to expand the driveway you will. Setbacks are 5 feet from the side property line.

Do you need a permit for landscaping?
No, however, when planting consider the maturity so it doesn't encroach on the neighboring property. Also, planting in easements is generally prohibited. Check with the Zoning Officer before planting.

Do I need a permit to open a business or run a home occupation?
Permits are needed to open a business and a business use must be issued to you before the start up of your business. Home Occupation generally requires a Zoning permit. In some cases it may not be required, please check with the Zoning Officer first.

Pools - What are the requirements?
Permits required - building & electric. Zoning setbacks 10' from property line including the pump equipment. In-ground pools require: PA engineered sealed plot plans, township engineering review and a fence not less than 4 feet in height. Door guard alarms installed on any door accessing the pool. Also any above ground under 48 from finished grade must be fenced. Additional information at permit department.