Parks - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Normal Operating Hours for Lower Macungie Parks?
Park hours are 8:00 AM to Sunset. Parks must be vacated at Sunset.

What are the Rules of Behavior for Lower Macungie Parks?
Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited in all parks. In addition, disorderly conduct, car maintenance, driving golf balls, littering, disposal of household refuse, destruction of park property and vegetation are all strictly forbidden. Parking is for park visitors only and is restricted to designated areas. These rules are created to provide the most desirable park experience for residents of the township. Please inform the township when violations are noticed.

How are Lower Macungie Parks Maintained and What Type of Work is routinely performed?
The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of township parks. Normal maintenance includes mowing (in-season), cleaning rest facilities, field preparation and equipment repair.

What does the "Carry In-Carry Out" Clean Up Policy mean for Lower Macungie Parks?
In order to have clean parks and protect the environment everyone leaving townships parks should take all trash with them especially if there are no trash receptacles available. This will ensure a healthy park environment for all future users and put less strain on township resources.

What are the Funding Sources for Events, Activities and Equipment at Lower Macungie Parks?
Most are funded by your tax dollars as directed by the Board of Commissioners. Some may be paid for by private donations or by agreements with developers and builders.

Who do I ask to reserve a ball field or a pavilion for a picnic?
Contact the Community Center at 610-966-6924 or click here for Recreation Home Page

Does Lower Macungie Township have a Pet Policy when visiting parks?
Yes, dogs must be leashed and feces removed in a sanitary manner.

How do I sign up my Child for Township sponsored Recreational Programs?
Contact the Community Center at 610-966-6924 or click here for Recreation Home Page

How do I sign up my Child for Youth Sports Programs?
Contact the Lower Macungie Youth Association at  Signups are held periodically throughout the year. Times and locations may vary.

How can I Volunteer to Help improve Lower Macungie Township Parks?
Fill out a Statement of Interest to Volunteer Applicationavailable on this website.

Field Use Procedure
To reserve a field at any of our parks, please contact Denise Foulke at Lower Macungie Community Center: 610-966-6924.

Pavilion Use
Pavilions in our parks are available on a first come, first served basis. The only exception to this is the pavilion at the Wescosville Recreation Center. It is available to rent for $100.00. It accommodates up to 100 people. To reserve/check availability, please contact our recreation department at 610-966-6924.