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Weather Emergency Ordinance

The Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2014-14, which amended the previous Snow Emergency Ordinance to a Weather Emergency Ordinance.

Q: What does this mean to the Township residents?
A: In case of a weather related emergency (usually 6 inches of snow or more, ice storms, hurricane like conditions, etc.), the Township may declare a Weather Emergency which would require ALL vehicles to be removed from ALL Township roads.

Q: How is this different from the old snow emergency ordinance?
A: The old snow emergency ordinance stated vehicles had to be removed from those streets that were posted as a snow emergency.

Q: What will the Township do to help you regarding the new ordinance?
A: The Township will notify residents of this new ordinance on the Township’s web page and via a mass email. Also, the Township administration has requested in the proposed 2015 budget, a line item for a phone call out system that would notify you when a weather emergency is declared via telephone, cell phone or text.

Q: How will residents be notified if a Weather Emergency is declared?
A: When LMT declares a Weather Emergency, public notification is given via television, radio, Facebook, Twitter, mass email, on the Township’s website, and coming soon, via phone and text.

Q: Is there a public place for residents to park?
A: The Township will plow three public parking lots for residents to park; Wescosville Recreation Center, Hills at Lockridge Park, and Farmington Hills Park.

In order to clear streets for emergency vehicles and in preparation of additional snowfall, the Township will declare a Weather Emergency so that all roads can be plowed from edge to edge. You can also assume that if a large amount of snow is forecasted, vehicles must be removed from all roadways. Any vehicles parked along roadways during a Weather Emergency are subject to being towed at the vehicles owner’s expense.

Please remember to remove your vehicle from the street when a Weather Emergency is declared. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

We also encourage everyone to review our Snow Guide.