Yard Waste / Compost Center

Forms & Schedules

Lower Macungie Township

Site Rules and Regulations



JANUARY & FEBRUARY  Wed., Fri., & Sat. - Noon to 5PM (CLOSED Sunday)

MARCH & APRIL  Wed., Fri., Sat. & Sun. - Noon to 5PM

MAY 1 to 31  Wed. & Fri. - 9AM to 7PM - Sat. & Sun. - Noon to 7PM                                  

JUNE 1 to OCTOBER 31  Wed., Fri. & Sat. - 9AM to 7PM - Sun. - Noon to 7PM                

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER  Wed., Fri. Sat. & Sun. - Noon to 5PM


Lower Macungie Township does not allow landscapers, commercial lawn or tree services to deposit yard waste or pick up mulch/humus at our facility. It is strictly for use by private residential homes that are part of our Waste Management contract. If you have hired a service for yard work, your contractor is responsible to remove the waste to an approved site other than the Township facility.  We also do not allow golf courses, business complexes, etc. We suggest that these enterprises utilize their own hauler or other (commercial) sites. 


Materials are processed into either mulch or humus and therefore must be separated. Yard waste must be removed from bags/containers. To keep our costs down and to keep the site clean, please carry out your bags and containers.



FOR MULCH:                                                                            FOR HUMUS:

Branches from trees                                                                  Mowed Grass

Firewood                                                                                    Leaves

Limbs/tree stumps – up to 12 in. diameter                                Pumpkins/apples

Rootballs – up to 24 in. diameter w/soil & debris REMOVED   Straw

Woody stems from hedges/forsythia bushes                            Garden plants/garden waste

Pinecones                                                                                  Flowers/flower plants

Sweet gum balls                                                                        Flowerpot soil

Rose plants                                                                               Soft hedge trimmings


Ornamental grass

Pine needles

Corn stalks

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­PROHIBITED WASTE

Pallets                                                  Bricks                         Dimensional construction lumber

Drywall/Sheetrock                                Railroad ties                           (decking, etc.)

Dirt/Rocks                                            Trash/garbage/household waste             

Landscaping stone                               Plastic of any kind


We suggest that you separate your yard waste before visiting the site so that you can easily discard items into the appropriate piles. 

  • LMT supplies Township residents with mulch/humus based on availability. While it is available, you may shovel/load the mulch/humus yourself during regular business hours.
  • Every Saturday during the months of April and May we offer a loading service from 8:30AM to 11:30AM and every Thursday in April from 1PM to 3PM, while supplies last. Currently there is no  fee per loader scoop. This charge could change without prior notice.
  • There can be no refuse drop off while compost is being loaded. Due to traffic safety concerns, we recommend you do not come to the site until 1PM on Saturdays during the loading season to drop off yard waste or to shovel/load mulch yourself.


The Township recognizes that we have many residents who own commercial vehicles and who are not landscapers or lawn service contractors. In these instances, we will allow commercial vehicles on site. 


VEHICLES OVER 10 TON are prohibitedThis is subject to change without prior notice.

Lower Macungie Township reserves the right to disallow and/or refuse entry to anyone that we believe could be involved in commercial enterprises and/or who are in direct conflict to Township policies related to disposal of yard waste. We also reserve the right to disallow and/or refuse entry to anyone who poses a threat to Township employees.