Trees / Trimming

Street Tree Trimming Visual (jpg)Tree Trimming

Due to safety concerns for larger vehicles (buses, fire trucks, delivery trucks etc.), and as a courtesy to the residents living in interior developments, street-side tree trimming is done routinely by the Public Works Department. This service also permits the proper maintenance of roads. Many things such as weather conditions and volume can affect the scheduled pruning. To reduce the frequency of pruning, trees are generally pruned beyond the curb or, in some cases, to the edge of the right-of-way or tree trunk, maintaining a minimum clearance of 12 to 14 feet above the road surface. If you have concerns about township personnel performing this tree trimming service, you may trim street trees yourself or have a professional landscaper perform the work for you.

Please contact Public Works if you intend to trim the street side of trees on your own. We will check to determine if your trimming meets these recommendations. If it does not, we will notify you so that corrections can be made.

Tree pruning/trimming on the sidewalk or private property side of the tree is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. Clearance above sidewalks should be a minimum of 7 feet. For more information, view a Listing of Approved Township Trees (PDF).

Tree Care, Maintenance, Removal & Replacement

Trees at curbside or in the right-of-way are currently the responsibility of the abutting property owner (Township Ordinance Chapter 21, Part 4 (PDF)):

"Property Owners shall maintain all street trees within or abutting their property to ensure that they are free of damage and disease and shall not create a risk of harm to passersby."

Street trees are not to be removed unless they are dead, diseased or at risk of collapse and only then upon receipt of a tree removal permit (PDF) from the Township. Removal of street trees is subject to replacement by the abutting property owner within six months at the property owner's expense. As part of the (no fee permit) process, Lower Macungie Township (LMT) personnel will evaluate the tree(s) to determine what action, if any is warranted. Replacement trees must conform to LMT specifications for approved trees.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Works.

Right of Way Clearing

Although Homeowners are ultimately responsible to trim back any growth which is, or could be, impeding the public right of way, periodically throughout the spring and summer mBoom mower.jpgonths, our Roads Department performs right of way clearing along the roadsides to ensure sight visibility and road height clearance for the safety of all motorists and emergency vehicles.  This clearing differs from tree trimming in that it is performed on more rural roadways in the Township versus Tree Trimming in the interior developments.  The equipment used is a boom-mower on all roadside vegetation, including road-encroaching tree branches.