Sewer Lateral Inspection Program

Visual of sewer lateral from sewer mainline to house (JPG)

All sewer laterals and building sewers must be inspected prior to the sale and/or transfer of a property.  The inspection must be performed by a licensed Journeyman or Master Plumber.  The plumber must submit a completed Sewer Lateral Video Inspection Report, a copy of the video, and proof of licensure to Lower Macungie Township for final review and approval.  Please note that the plumber does not need to be licensed with the Township, as the Township does not offer a plumber’s license exam.  If an inspection reveals that repairs are necessary, it is the property owner’s responsibility to conduct that work prior to the sale of a property.

The Ordinance outlines inspection requirements, results of inspections, the correction of deficiencies/violations, transfer without inspection, violations and penalties, and remedies.  

If you have any general questions about the inspection program, please feel free to email Zach Graves, Water Resource Specialist, or at 610-966-4343 x121.  If you have questions about the results of an inspection, please contact Mark Danishefsky, Sewer Crew Chief, at 610-966-4343 x122.

Why Are Sewer Lateral/Building Sewer Inspections Required?

During or following prolonged wet weather events, Allentown’s Kline’s Island Wastewater Treatment Plant may exhibit wet weather overflows.  It is believed that these overflows are due, in large part, to inflow and infiltration.  Inflow is stormwater flowing directly into manholes and cleanouts, whereas infiltration is groundwater entering sewer pipes and/or manholes through defects.  EPA believes that at least 50% of I&I originates from private properties.

Sewer laterals are owned by the property owner and are not the responsibility of the Township, which generally brings about some level of uncertainty, as these lines are not regularly inspected.  The Sewer Lateral/Building Sewer Inspection Program provides an avenue for these issues to be addressed.