Turnpike Bridge Widening Project

Plan detailing the Indian Creek Road Bridge widening project (JPG)

Indian Creek Road Bridge Over Turnpike

With the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's project to widen the Turnpike, they will also reconstruct and widen the Indian Creek Road Bridge that runs over the Turnpike. They anticipate this construction to begin in March 2023, with a target completion date of November 2024. The above detailed project map (PDF) depicts the proposed project and single lane section during construction.  The road is not anticipated to be closed, but will be one lane with temporary traffic signals.

Please note that this is a Turnpike Commission project and not a project of the Township's; however, the Turnpike works with local municipalities so that residents are informed. 

For up-to-date project information, please continue to check the Turnpike's Project Overview page. This page also provides FAQ's, construction details, news and contact information.