Is the new contract likely to be more costly?

Yes, and based on the experiences to date of other Pennsylvania municipalities, including those in our area (prime example is South Whitehall where new contract rates soared 62% , it would be unsurprising if the new fees are not significantly higher than the current rate, and quite possibly double. The Township will do everything possible to include in the bidding process every Pennsylvania licensed, qualified hauling contractor.

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1. Who is responsible for our residential trash collection and recycling services?
2. When does the WM contract expire, and is it being renewed?
3. What happens now; will we be without service after August?
4. Is the new contract likely to be more costly?
5. Has WM been picking up from all residences in the Township?
6. Can an eligible homeowner decide to handle their own trash and recycling?
7. Will residents have a voice in the contracting process?
8. Will residents have to purchase new trash and recycling receptacles?
9. Will the collection schedule remain the same?
10. Is the bill payment schedule and method of payment likely to change?