When do I need a residential building permit?

The following Residential projects (not all-inclusive) require a permit, either an over-the-counter permit or a plan review permit.

Over-the-Counter Permit

An over-the-counter permit does not require drawings to be submitted for a plan review. Some examples are:

  • Electrical Service
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Gas Line to Patio
  • Fuel-Fired Water Heater Replacement
  • Water/Sewer Line Repair/Replacement

An application is required for an over-the-counter permit. You will need to know the total value of the work to be performed to complete the application.

Plan Review Permit

Various projects will require you to submit drawings for a plan review. Some examples are: 

  • New Homes and Additions
  • Structural Alterations/Remodel
  • Basement Finish
  • Carport
  • Deck
  • Fences over 6 feet in height
  • Patio Cover/Pergola
  • Pool/Hot Tub

Plan review permits require two identical drawings. Drawings must show all structural components and be to scale. A site plan is required for any addition or structure that will be added to the home, or property.

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